About The Shelton Group

The Shelton Group is comprised of two of the most enthusiastic real estate agents in the Denver scene, Lana Cordier Shelton and Andy Moore. Specializing in central Denver neighborhoods, both Lana and Andy look to serve their clients in a way that no other agents do.  Working hard to create as seamless a process as possible for each of their clients is their top priority.  Lana and Andy’s strategic team approach combines extensive expertise, vast market knowledge, and fantastic customer service for the best possible client transaction experience. With each of them bringing special skills to the team, their client feedback and referral connections are always exceptionally positive.

While The Shelton Group is first and foremost a business alliance for Lana and Andy, it has grown to be a deep friendship, as well.  “Having such a passionate investment in The Shelton Group and my relationship with Lana means I really hold myself to a higher standard with my clients.” Andy says, while Lana shared, “It’s really been great to be successful as a team and sharing our successes together is fun.”